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About Us

Xen Arts was set up by Xenoula Eleftheriades as a non-profit organisation in 2008 to present the first TongueTied? night which raised money for a struggling dance company in Zimbabwe.

Xen Arts is now developing and expanding into an organisation that is using the arts to create positive opportunities in areas of adversity and hardship.

When you are constantly faced with negativity and confusion about your own lives and worldwide issues, it becomes overwhelming and is easy to lose hope.

Whether it is the teenage "hoodie" culture in the streets of London, the spread of disease in Africa, drug trafficking in South America or oppressive regimes in the Middle East, we are constantly bombarded with negativity, creating stereotypes and building fear.

Xen Arts is about connecting cultures through individuals to see the "real picture" - to understand the highs as well as the lows, the strengths and the weaknesses and mostly, linking like-minded people who can offer inspiration an support in times of need.

Xen Arts wants to help create opportunities for young people to use dance, poetry, music etc as a positive way of expressing themselves about the issues affecting their own lives as well as their peers, in countries where restrictions are much greater than their own.

It's not a groundbreaking mission, it's about taking small steps to set up projects and link people from any background who want to support and defend each others' basic human rights and needs. It's just that simple really - it's about lifting the human spirit and lending a hand.